A simple story about a man named Tajo, a goat, her gondola and daily life of the village surrounding them as they struggle to run a tour guide service.

Set on the planet Oceanius IV, a planet almost totally covered in wate. Idyllic and peaceful, it's a popular holiday destination for the rest of the galaxy during its hotter seasons.


An assertive young woman from the species Fi'nunnas, better casually known as 'goat girls'. She runs the family's gondola tour service in abscene of her father. Despite her aloof and sometimes viciously opinionated personality, she's a kind person and loves her triplet sisters deeply. She likes to read other species' philosophy and cook, albeit poorly.





A human that originally came from the Bahamas Islands on earth. Lost his arm to shark years ago, but still enjoy swimming despite it. He's shy, despite being rather imposing height wise and likes swimming, fishing and crime dramas.